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Gluten-free recipe and reflection

Gluten free brownie butter cake                     Yield: 9*5inch cake Regular brownie butter cake Yield: 9*5inch cake Brownie layer Cocoa powder                             30g Quinoa Buckwheat flour mix          35g Baking soda                               0.5g Xanthan gum                              0.5g Salt                                     … More Gluten-free recipe and reflection

Gluten-Free Research

Intro: Person who has Celiac disease can not process gluten proteins. “The only remedy is to avoid gluten completely”. Is is necessary for a baker to learn and make gluten-free products. “The difficulty for the baker is that gluten is the backbone of breads and many other baked goods.” “Gluten is a component of wheat … More Gluten-Free Research

Reflection Journal for Artisan Bread

Last four weeks, we made artisan bread. As we learned, artisan bread is handmade, no chemical additives, fermented dough and traditional production. Now, I want to talk about different kinds of pre-ferments. Four weeks ago, I learned pre-ferments and sourdough starters from our text-book. At that time, I did not understand pre-ferments and sourdough starter well. I … More Reflection Journal for Artisan Bread

Design Principles

 This two pictures are retrieved from Google image. After learning cake’s decoration in these three weeks, I realize that there are some principles which I should consider. Before attending this course, I focus on the color only. After doing a deeper research, I learnt that there are seven basic principles of design. Specially, I … More Design Principles