Protected: Reflection: Overview of the week 1.

At the first week, I think I could use three words to make a conclusion which is exhuasted, new and difficult. Our class last seven hours per day, we need to stay in the lab for five hours that make me feel tired. It is not easy for us to adjust it at the first begining, however, I can not deny that I learnt a large amount of glossary such as caramelization, gluthenin and leavening. The chemical name and the seven stages of the baking process are the difficulty I have to overcome.

After this week,  I noticed ingredient, methods and enviroment are the major components of baking. If the product is not good enough, it means we may need to change the ingredient, methods or enviroment to make the product perfectly. Second, I got a nice experience from the experiment. When we making muffin, we may use different methods. For example, we should use creaming method when the ingredient contain butter and sugar. When we make brand muffin, we should use muffin method (All-in method). Third, I got to know the function of some ingredient like liquid fats that use for greasing pans, deep-frying doughnuts.

As I know, most of the students feel awful at the first week, but I know Helga and Liz are trying their best to give us help. In my opinion, we need to adjust the circumstances as well. Trying to understand the glossary not only memerize it. I hope I could become a good baker by learning step by step.


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