Protected: Reflection: Problem Solving Case Study

Three fundamental methods of making quick breads, cookies and muffins are demonstrated in these few weeks. If a biscuit is tough and misshapen we can analyze from ingredients and methods . Overmixing will develop high gluten that will make the biscuit become harder. Overbaking, too much flour or not enough liquid make the biscuit tough as well. Thus, using correct method to make biscuit is quite important, such as biscuit method (Mix just until the ingredients are combined and a soft dough is formed). To prevent this fault, just combine the dry ingredients and liquid ingredients until it looks lumpy not smooth. Also, put appropriate liquid or use honey molasses instead of sugar can make the biscuit soft and control baking time. If the oven temperature is too low or the product contains too much sugar it will cause an almond-honey-cranberry muffin spread too much during baking. Also, not enough leavening agent could not give muffins appropriate bulk. To prevent this fault by increasing oven temperature and using appropriate sugar. Cranberry muffin has flat top when all the cranberry assemble in the bottom, so we can mix some flour with cranberry to let the cranberry distribute all around the muffin. For the sour cheery pie, if we do not use high bottom heat that could cause soggy bottom. Also, pour hot filling into raw shell could cause soggy. To adviod this fault, we must use high bottom heat during baking and could not add hot fillings to unbreak crusts. We could put some cake crumbs to the bottom of pie that helps absorb liquid.


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