Protected: Reflection: Hastings Bakery Tour.

This Thursday, we went to visit eight bakeries which are located in Hasting. I will compare and contrast the “Chez Christophe” and the “Valley Bakery” that impress me most. Both of them mentioned the slow season is in summer and the most busy time is in Christmas. The staff in  “Chez Christophe” and  “Valley Bakery” work 8 hours per day. Usually, the staff in “Chez Christophe” work from 5:30 am but the staff in”Valley Bakery” start their work from 4:30am. Compare to the “Valley Bakery”,  the area of “Chez Christophe” is much smaller and it has less staff, only 7 staff in the barkery. “Valley Bakery” has a big kitchen and a rotating oven. On the contrary,  “Chez Christophe” has nicer looking and it has a coffee area for the customers. The most popular product in  the “Chez Christophe” is chocolate croissant, it tastes really good !  In the “Valley Bakery”, cookies is the best. The owner in the “Chez Christophe” is from Switerland but the another one is from Holland. In addition, I got to know how the “Chez Christophe” keep profits during the slow season. They compare the data to last year and decide which item need to be reduce. For the  “Valley Bakery”, they taught us how to choose a good location to open a bakery. The owner mentioned that high trafic is a main factor to impact the business. If I have a chance to own my business, I would like to emulate the “Chez Christophe”. Although it is a small shop that has not much stress as the “Valley Bakery”. It is not easy to manage a big amount of staff and product. I prefer to concentrate on the quality and giving the imposing product to the customers. 


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