Protected: Reflective Journaling For Retail Operations

Bakeshop weeks:

Working in the bakery was a brand new experience for me. At the beginning, I felt confused cause I do not what I should do. After passing those two weeks, I felt better. I went through four particular stations.  I think the Team Lead is the most exhausting work cause we have to run up and down. To grab the product, wrap it and place it in the showcase. Because of the Easter holiday, I have to finish Team Lead by myself . Baking station is my favour.  I learnt the different ingredients of various pizzas. Also I got to know the names of the pizzas, for instant, Spicy Chorizo, Magarita, Pepperoni and Hawaiian. It  was so funny for the merchandising, we created our unique product to match our theme. Our group was lucky because of the Easter that we got our theme easily. We sold our Easter carrot muffins within two hours and we got a success in it. In the customer service station, we treated the customer patiently. In my opinion, a great way to entertain customer is to keep smiling to them. Overall, it was the really exciting weeks for me and I eager to learn more different kinds of pizzas!

Production Weeks

Although work in the lab is not new for me, I still learnt some skills. The first day, I prepared different kinds of muffins, scones and squares for the barista. I notice the Strawberry Rhubarb Muffin is scrumptious. The next day, I also learnt how to make a pizza dough and a new word ” streusel”. Actually, I have some questions for the  pizza dough. Why we need olive oil to brush the bottom and the top of the pizza dough? Why we can not just use vegetable oil instead? Today, I made brownies. After making it, I realized that is not a simple job. It took me long time and I need to make it patiently. What I need to keep in mind is try not to move the parchment sheet when you making brownies. Furthermore, I made “Lucky Monkey Cookies” for the merchandising group. The cookies look pretty cute and taste good. All in all, manage time properly is really helpful. I think I did a good job in this four weeks. I know we will learn professionalism and food safe next week. I am looking forward to learn the concept of it.


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