Protected: Compare and contract two bakeries

Yesterday, our class visited five typical bakeries with Betty and Keathe. Each bakery has their own feature. I am going to compare and contrast the “Mix-the Bakery” and the “Small Victory Bakery” which left me deep impression. Firstly, both two bake shops are clean. However, the “Mix-the Bakery” is not as tidy as the “Small Victory Bakery”. Compare to the “Small Victory Bakery”, the “Mix-the Bakery” has lots of old-fashion tools. I still remember the special huge oven in the “Mix-the Bakery” is used only to bake breads. The workspace in the “Small Victory Bakery” is bigger than the “Mix-the Bakery”. Usually, the “Mix-the Bakery” open at 7:00am, the “Small Victory Bakery” open at 7:30am. Secondly, both two bakeries have many kinds of pastries. Unlike the “Mix-the Bakery”, the “Small Victory Bakery” sells lunch as well. The “Mix-the Bakery” is famous for their different kinds of bread. On the contrary, the “Small Victory Bakery” is famous for their croissant. Compare to the “Mix-the Bakery”, the price in the “Small Victory Bakery” is more expensive. Thirdly, the atmosphere of these two retail space is totally different. The “Small Victory Bakery” is more like a modern city, however, “Mix-the Bakery” is more like an old town. Their retail space both clean and tidy, the products in the showcases all are attractive. In my opinion, the “Small Victory Bakery” is located in Yaletown that is better than the “Mix-the Bakery”. Unlike the “Small Victory Baker”, the “Mix-the Bakery” has more than 50 year’s history, thus; they have more operation experience.

To sum up, each bakery has their strength and weakness. Personally, if I have a choice, I would like to work at the “Small Victory Bakery”, because the workspace in the “Small Victory Bakery” is bigger than the “Mix-the Bakery” so that I may feel more comfortable when I am working. I prefer modern style and I am already mad on the open kitchen in the “Small Victory Bakery”. For me, I would like to take a visitor from out of town to visit the “Small Victory Bakery”, because they have fashion feature that may do not have in the town.


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