Laminated dough

These five days that I passed was not easy for me. We learnt three kinds of dough which are puff, croissant and Danish. Personally, puff dough is the most difficult to handle. There are many essential principles we have to meet that decide the quality of the dough. For puff dough we must use cool water and always keep the dough on 17℃ to 21℃, otherwise the butter inside will melt so that we cannot get the flaky texture. In English method, we use butter block and three double folds. It’s really important to remember after making butter block and essential dough, place in the fridge for about 30mins so that the dough can be relax, easier to roll and the butter not melt easily. I found the dough will become soft and sticky if it keep in the room temperature for too long. Each fold we need flour off because too many flour, the dough and the butter not easy to incorporate. In Quick method, the most vital point is not over mix the dough!! What we need inside the dough is big chunks of butter. I have my personal experience on it. When I was mixing the dough I did not pay attention on it, even I just mixed it totally 3mins; the dough was already over mixed. It gave me quite a shock. Just 3mins!!! The dough became very soft and all the butter melted. I have to use the whole dough to make sausage roll, palmiers and cheese straw. These products not really need layers. I tasted the finished products; the texture was not really flaky. Besides, I found it I should made things carefully. The turnover I made was not good enough, the size of turnover some was big and some was small. I really need to improve my cutting and rolling skill. I must roll and cut the dough into an accurate size, otherwise the finished products will have variety sizes. If I the dough too thick, the finished products will have huge volume, on the contrary, the products will easy to get burn. In my opinion, temperature (room temperature, water temperature, machine temperature) is the main factor that makes the dough harder to handle, once the butter or the dough get soft, it will become sticky or the fat will ran out. If you over mix the dough that gluten will over develop which will make the dough harder to handle.   Salt is the ingredient I need to consider because it controls the fermentation. Also, the quality of butter I need to consider, some butter has very low melting point which can be melt very easily, we should pay more attention on it when we handling it. Next week, I need to make every effort to produce same size turnover.

rIMG_2124 IMG_2141 IMG_2142 IMG_2148


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