Doughnuts .

  1. IMG_2243 IMG_2248 IMG_2284 IMG_2319Identify 3 businesses in Vancouver that sell donuts.

Luck’s Doughnuts, Cartems Donuterie, Krispy Kreme

  • Luck’s Doughnuts: handmade, fresh, high-class, varietal, pretty, creative, savory.
  • Cartems Dounuterie: handmade, fresh, special, delicious.
  • Krispy Kreme: automatic, fresh, good deal, fresh, classic.
  1. Pick one to research on a deeper level. (Identify)
  2. What appeals to you about this business

The high quality of donuts and the fancy external appearance catch my eyes.

  1. What do you think makes this business successful?

Their doughnuts are made fresh daily by using the best ingredient. Even Jam is made fresh as well.

They have a wide variety of fancy doughnuts. For example: Coconut Bismarck, Orange Honey Pistachio, and Mango Square. They also have seasonal doughnuts.

Their location is good. (2902 Main st)

The decoration in the store and is able to attract customers.

  1. Why were you impressed? Anything else you would like to include

They have excellent public reputation and many special flavor doughnuts.

Not only doughnuts but also fritters are savory.

  1. Product:
  2. What is unique in their product line?

Long John, Pumpkin, Orange Honey Pistachio, Beignets, Croissant.

  1. Explore the product price

Beignets: $8

Doughnuts: $2.50~$3.00 each

  1. Which donut would you like to re-create in class?

I would like to re-create Long Johns in class. It use modified straight dough method. It needs to be proof. Fry at 182℃. It also need coating chocolate to decorate.

After this week, I found that frying doughnuts is hazardous, we must pay attention on it. We made cronuts, regular doughnuts, Long John and Apple fritters. I really like cronuts which are made from Danish dough. It tastes crispy and the filling inside is pastry cream. Also, pay attention on mixing, if you overmix it, it becomes tough and dense. While we frying doughnuts, remember no flour, or the oil will break down(deterioration) .


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