Aeration and Emulsification

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  • This week we made different kinds of cakes, such as Layer cakes, Sponge cakes, Jelly rolls and Angel food cakes. Some of them are High-Fat Cakes, some of them are Low-Fat Cakes (Egg-Foam Cakes). Different cakes we use different method, in order to get sufficient air cells.
  • I picked Angel Food Cake to give you further information because of it’s no fat characteristic. The color of Angel Food Cake is purely white and light because it contains lots of egg white. It has springy texture and contains no fat. Because it is no fat characteristic, the cake tin must be hundred percent clean and oil-free before you deposit the batter. To identify my product, my cake was under-baked and the egg white  was under-mixed. Therefore, it turned out a poor volume, heavy and sticky cake. Because the egg white was under-mixed, thus, my cake contained small, insufficient air cells which made my cake did not have proper raise. The cake was raw and sticky because of under-baked. I also noticed the Angel Food Cake that Candy made was oversize. The reason was she over whipped the egg white, thus, her cake contained large air cells. It turned out a coarse texture.
  • Angel Food Method should be used to make Angel Food Cakes. The vital steps are whip egg white and fold in flour. First, scale ingredients accurately. The ideal temperature is room temperature, if necessary, slightly warm up the egg whites in order to receive better volume. Second, sift the flour with half the sugar, we usually we use cake flour which contains less gluten. Third, use the whip attachment to beat the egg whites into soft peaks by using high-speed. Remember do not over whip the egg whites. Whipping process may take approximately 2 minutes. When we whipping the egg whites, we put sugar  gradually (creating air cells) and then put salt and cream of tartar. Put flavor at last (1 s). Turn to low-speed in order to retain the air cells and let it distribute evenly.  Finally, fold in the flour-sugar mixture gently in case of deflation (lose air cells). Bake it right away.
  • I produced a poor volume and sticky Angel Food Cake. I learn that the main error was I did not control well in the whipping procedure. I ought to whip it until it form soft peaks so that it has enough air cells. Another error for the poor volume was I did not bake it long enough so it can not to leaven enough. Probably, the egg whites were too cold. I should warm up a little bit longer. A desirable cake should have proper air cells which have an impact on texture and volume.
  • Overall, each small error (ingredients temperature, method, whipping procedure, mixing speed) can affect  the finished product ( texture, volume, appearance).

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