Design Principles

file0001purple-wedding-cake-minimalist-design-3-on-wedding-ceremony-design-ideas This two pictures are retrieved from Google image.

After learning cake’s decoration in these three weeks, I realize that there are some principles which I should consider. Before attending this course, I focus on the color only. After doing a deeper research, I learnt that there are seven basic principles of design. Specially, I was interested in harmony, contrast, emphasis and balance.  I will pick up these principles to make a deep explanation with two images.  Let’s look at the picture of flower arrangement. It contains primary colors (Red & Blue) and secondary colors (Green & Orange), so the harmony (The arrangement of elements to give the viewer the feeling that all the parts of the piece form a coherent whole) shows in this picture.  Also, the red color and white color show contrast (The juxtaposition of different elements of design).  The background color is white that can emphasize (Special attention given to one part of a work of art) the colorful roses. What’s more, the size of flowers matches the size of bottle that gives balance (A feeling of balance results when the elements of design are arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically to create the impression of equality in weight or importance) to viewers.  For example, I decorated a fresh fruit cake last week. After finishing it, I found it look so uncomfortable because the thickness of fruits were not balance.  Furthermore, value (The lightness or darkness of an image) was a new element for me.  Let’s look back to the roses. Green and red are darkness, pink, yellow and white are lightness, the reason why it looks nice because of the value.  In the future, I must consider pattern, contrast, emphasis, balance, scale, harmony and rhythm when I design or decorate a cake. Not just only think about color. Look at the wedding cake that I show in below, I think that is what I want to reach. The wedding cake followed the principles of design, especially in contrast (violet and white). The designer also used lines to make beautiful pattern. The form of the whole cake is balanced (not too thin or thick). The whole cake is simple but romantic (because of violet) and elegant.  Follow the principles of design help us produce better goods and help us to be an artist. Baking also related to art!


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