Protected: Artisan Pastries

In these two weeks, we are making artisan pastries which include pies, tortes, biscuit, and cookies. Although we have previous knowledge and skills and some of these products we are already familiar with, I discovered that I do not actually understand it. Every independent skill has a tight connection with each other. For example, biscuit method is related to lamination. I have a very good experience on this discovery. When I was in level one, I just followed what receipt said to make a biscuit. At that moment, I did not know my biscuit should have layers and volume and I did not care as well, so I kneaded it in order to combine all the ingredient.  For a level one student, I just need to make a biscuit which is not overcook or undercook. What an easy thing to do, right? At the present time, I realized that why I need to follow “Biscuit method” to make a biscuit. For a perfect biscuit, I need it have not only a beautiful color but also layers and volume! Only I follow “Cut in the shortening”, “Not over mix and knead” and “Fold it several times” that I can get nice layers. The purpose of “cut in the shortening”, “Not over mix and knead” and “Fold it several times” are help to got the nice layers which is very similar to make a laminated dough. “Cut in the shortening” is in order to get a big chunk of butter. “Not over mix and knead” is prevent from destroying the layers. “Fold it several times” is in order to create more layers. Now, I understand “Biscuit method” thoroughly.

The important skill that I learned during these weeks is to cut the square and the Nanaimo bar. It is very important to soak knife into hot water, in order to prevent my dirty knife from destroying the surface of Nanaimo bar. Before we cut, we should mark the square exactly. We need to remember do not cut through the square until you get the exactly mark.

Today, I tried out 2 muffins recipe in class, one is Cherry coffee muffin, t other one is Date pineapple muffin. Both of them taste nice, in my opinion, the Cherry coffee taste better. Casey, Candy and I love it because of the coffee flavor. However, different people have different ideas. Choi and Tracy said that they prefer the Date pineapple muffin, because the Cherry coffee muffin was too soggy. I agree with what they said, I should put more flower on it and make it not that wet. The bitter of coffee match the sweet of the cherry that is the reason why I put coffee and cherry together. What’s more, the sweet of the date match the sour of the pineapple. The balance of the flavor is important to produce. I feel surprised that the pervious laminated dough knowledge I can use in biscuit! In conclusion, all the baking knowledge is very useful in whichever level! Baking is process and we need to build our skill day by day and our discovery.  IMG_3705 IMG_3802 IMG_3803


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