Gluten-Free Research

Intro: Person who has Celiac disease can not process gluten proteins. “The only remedy is to avoid gluten completely”. Is is necessary for a baker to learn and make gluten-free products. “The difficulty for the baker is that gluten is the backbone of breads and many other baked goods.” “Gluten is a component of wheat flour and is a major structural component of most baked good.” “The structure-building properties of gluten proteins must be supplied by other ingredients, such as egg protein and vegetable gums.”

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Here are the functions of each ingredient which is used in gluten-free good baked.

Xanthan gum : Xanthan gum is polysaccharide. It is a thickening agent. Xanthan is used in gluten-free baking to bind, thicken and emulsify gluten-free ingredients. It provides a rich creamy mouth feel. It is a binder and it provides structure, elasticity in baking. The function of the Xanthan gum is similar with starch. Usually, it is used in cake, muffins and French subs.


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Rice flour: Rice flour is fine flour made from ground rice. It is completely gluten free. It is very commonly used in gluten-free baked goods to give them structure and substance. It usually replace bread flour, pastry flour and wheat flour. It is used in cookies, cakes and pancakes.

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Baking bites, What is rich flour, 2012.

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 Coconut flour: Coconut flour is ground from dried coconut meat, this flour is low in carbohydrates.and very high in fiber and protein. It gives pleasant flavor to baked goods. It usually replace bread flour, pastry flour and wheat flour. It is used in muffins cakes and breads.


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Tapioca flour: Tapioca is produced from the starch of the cassava plant, it a thickener, a stabilizer. It usually replace bread flour, pastry flour and wheat flour. It is good to use in pizza.

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 Peanut flour: Peanut flour is made by taking roasted peanuts, grinding them into a paste. It is high in protein and fiber, low in fat. It usually replaces bread flour, pastry flour and wheat flour.It is used in muffins cakes and pies.

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Describe the mixing techniques used when making gluten-free products.

The mixing techniques for gluten-free bread is that mix ingredients in low-speed.

When we make gluten-free cookies, we should make sure both “wet” and “dry” ingredients are thoroughly uniform before combining the two, and do not over mix.

For most of gluten-free muffins recipe, we use cream method. For cookies recipe, we use one-stage method.


This website gave us the information about how to make a good gluten free product.


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This website posted 7 ingredients which are usually used in gluten-free baking.

Canadian Living, 7 must have gluten-free baking ingredients.

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This blog posted a great recipe which I am interested in.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Scones – Low Carb and Gluten-Free,2014.

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This website gave us the function of the rich flour.

Baking bites, What is rich flour, 2012.

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This blog gave me the information about function’s of coconut flour

Jenny,How To Bake With Coconut Flour: Tips& Tricks For Using This Gluten-Free Flour,2011.

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  1. Based on your research which website would you consider the most useful resource? Explain why. Include the hyper link and email all your class mates this information

I like this resource because it gave me the functions of 7 ingredients which are used in gluten-free baking.

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