Protected: Field trip

Today, we went to Golden Valley and Rogers flour company. This trip let me feel so surprised and it was a valuable experience for me.  I learn a lot today. To produce a prefect egg it takes long process. It is really surprised that it is all mechanized production. Also, the  factory is very clean and the hygiene is excellent. I saw everybody are happy to work in there. The instructor show us around the factory. They produce shelled boiled egg, scramble egg and no shell egg. They also keep the egg shell to sell as fodder. They provide sanitary and safe egg to us. I was a little bit confused that where is the chicken? Lol.  After that we went to the Rogers flour company. I was so surprised that they are not only mill flour but also do some test on  moisture, ash and protein.  Also, they bake some loaves to study the data of flour. I have to say, they are so professional! The process of milling flour is complicated. There are so many categories of flour in that factory. On the other hand, whole wheat flour in USA and Canada is different. In USA, the whole wheat flour is milled from whole grain, but in Canada, it is made from one part of white flour and one part of brain. There are just a few staff in the factory. Now, we can not live without technology and mechanized production.


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